New open days and new ways of living, and instant access to the best of the Westside, including Georgia Tech, Westside Park, and the BeltLine and Westside Trail — with 690 residential units to choose from.
New competitive edges and new advantages in a qualified opportunity zone, with access to diverse talent and superior resources — and more than 302,000 square feet of Class A office space spread over an 18-acre village.
New flavors and new discoveries, and access to the most interesting places in the Westside — and even more to explore with approximately 135,000 square feet of retail space and 120 key hotel rooms.


Feel the energy and jump right into the destination that welcomes all with its own variety-filled food hall, dedicated outdoor entertainment spaces, community gardens, and inspired maker spaces.

Instantly connect your company with a thriving district of innovation, center your active life in a community of creativity and culture, or explore the best of the Westside at Echo Street West, a Village of Ideas.

Open Spaces
Phase 1 Buidings
Phase 2 Buildings